Uploading and Downloading HTML

Click on the Show button to expand the Upload/Download HTML, Image, and Document Files section.


HTML – Upload your local HTML file for email content.
Select Automatically retrieve images that have an absolute URL image source. This is a big time saver, select this to retrieve images so you don’t have to upload them separately. This will also retrieve images with remote paths, so you don’t need to have the file extension in the file name URL.
Images – Upload your local image files for the email content.
Documents – Upload documents (Accepts .csv, .doc, .docx, .ics, .pdf, .rtf, .vcs, .xls, .xlsx ).
Go here to link a document to your email.

Image paths will automatically be rewritten for the local application system path. If you need to use remote image paths, you’ll need to contact support to have this setting turned on for your account.


• HTML – Download the HTML file for email content. You can also view the current file for this email.
Images – Hover over the uploaded image files to see a preview of the image. You can delete images if necessary.
Documents – Hover over uploaded documents (then Right-Click and Copy Link) to get the URL link for the document that you can then use in your email.

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