Uploading A Template

In order to upload a template, you must request from support to have the template upload feature turned on in the old editor.

Since you will normally need to test a template multiple times we recommend doing the repeated uploading needed for testing using Upload/Download HTML section of Step 2 – Content of the Email Publisher. Once the template is finalized you can upload to the Template Library so it’s available for others to use within your company or business. Technically your template does not need to be in the Template Library if you are working solo and prefer to edit your HTML file on your computer you can.

Uploading to Template Library:

1. Go to Email Campaigns on the main navigation menu.
2. Select Template Library.
3. In the section labeled Custom Templates select Add Template.
4. Enter a Name for the Template.

Select Type – The type will affect where the template shows in the application and how it can be used:

Newsletter:  Most commonly used for all general purposes.
Birthday or Anniversary: These templates will show under E-cards.
Date: Combine this type with a custom date field to create your own date based E-card like email campaign.
6. Default Subject – Subject will be prefilled with this subject when the template is used.
7. Allow Subject Changes – Uncheck here if you don’t want the subject to be changed.
8. Select Add and you will proceed to the Template Configure where you can upload your HTML and images for the Template.

Uploading using Step 2 – Content of the Email Publisher:

1. Go to Email Campaigns on the main navigation menu.
2. Go to any Email Campaign Step 2 – Content.
3. Use Upload/Download HTML section of Step 2 – Content of the Email Publisher.

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