Publisher Overview

To access the Email Studio select the “Start New Email” button OR the “Edit” button for any Email Campaign in the Email Campaign List.
You can also jump straight a previously completed step by hovering over the Email Campaign status on the Email Campaign list.

Email Studio Progress Bar:

Located at the top of the screen, the progress bar will help guide you through the publishing process.

• Completed steps are colored green.
• The current step is colored blue.
• Click any step within the progress bar to navigate directly to that step (green or blue).

Easy 5 Step Process:

Using the 5 step process you will be guided through each step to create your emails.
Click the steps below for detailed information on each step.
• Step 1  Design
• Step 2  Content
• Step 3  Contacts
• Step 4  Schedule
• Step 5  Confirm

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