Step 1 – Design

Select from one of the following tabs to start creating your email:

You can modify any template in the next step so, don’t worry about selecting the perfect template. All aspects can be changed in the content step 2.

Previous Email

Using this option will allow you to start editing with an email you’ve previously sent. Use the Select Email¬†button to choose a Previous Email.

Basic Layouts

These are templates that have been pre-built with a structured layout but without any theme. You will find blank templates in here if you want to build one from scratch.


These are templates we’ve pre-built based on various themes and colors. All templates are customizable so you can choose anyone and swap out images, text, etc. For instance, if you really like the layout of a fathers day template, but you don’t need it for fathers day, simply select the template and make adjustments in step 2.

My Templates

These are templates that you’ve saved to your template library or any free template you have bookmarked.

Code Your Own

With code your own you can use your own HTML in 3 ways

  • Paste in the code
  • Upload the .html file
  • Import from URL

Code your own will allow you to use any HTML file you wish to send out, but please be aware that the email design studio will not be compatible, and you will have to make changes to the content outside of the app. It’s recommended that you use a template from one of the other tabs if you are not familiar with coding your own HTML.


You will only see this option if you account was created prior to 3/1/2017.

These are templates that work with our older (legacy) email studio.


Use the “Select Template”¬†button to choose a template.

Warning: If you select a new Design after you have entered content in Step 2 your content will be lost. You will be warned that selecting a new Template or Previous Email will replace the contents of your current email draft

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