Importing With a CSV File

You will receive an email if you import exceeds the number of contacts allowed for your plan.

Email Contacts will never be duplicated, the application will automatically detect duplicates.
Data will never be removed when importing only updated or added.

For additional information on how contact duplicates, updates, etc. are processed, see Adding/Editing Contacts Rules.

The application allows you to upload a CSV file to input or update contacts. Most other applications will export to a CSV file making it easy to upload contacts that you have exported from contact management software or other contact lists. Please refer to the software you want to export from for CSV export instructions.

You can convert an Excel worksheet to a CSV by using Save As in Excel then choose the CSV (Comma delimited).

• To use a Microsoft Excel file for an import you must convert the file to CSV format.
• If you don’t use a program for CSV files (i.e. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets) they can also be opened/edited with the standard text editor that comes with all computers.
• For more information on csv files, see the CSV glossary topic here.

Go to  Contacts > Import on the main navigation menu.

Step 1 – Import your contact list

1. Click Choose File to select the CSV file that you want to import.
2. Click the Upload File button.

Step 2 – Match Your Email Contact Data

The application will attempt to match columns for you. Matched columns will be indicated with a checkmark while Unmatched columns with be indicated with an exclamation point.

Each column must be green and have a green checkmark to continue the importing process. Scroll right to see any hidden columns off screen.

1. Match your data with the application database columns by selecting a column name from the drop-down menu for each column.
Select Do not import for “Not Matched” columns that you do not want to import.
Select Do not import for All “Not Matched” columns that you do not want to import.
2. If you have an import field indicating what list you want your contacts in, you can select the list from the drop-down menu simplifying the upload process. If you don’t that’s okay too, you will be able to select a list later.
3.If you need to add a data field not shown select the last entry in the drop-down menu Add Custom Field.

Step 3 – Select Contact Lists

1. If you need to add a new list (not adding to a list already shown), select Add List.
2. Select the Lists you want to add these Contacts to. All Contacts on the list are added to the selected List on import.
If you wish to add specific Contacts to different Lists use columns to indicate lists (described in Step 2.2 above) OR you can also import separate lists.
3. Selecting the “Send Newsletter” if you want to send these contacts your Auto Sending campaigns find out about this topic here.
4. Click the Begin Import” button.
5. You will see a prompt message letting you know that the import is running. You can close this prompt message after reading it. Once the import is complete you will be emailed the Contact Import Report and you will see it listed in Previous Imports. Select the  Contact Import Report icon in the Previous Imports list to read the report and to ensure that no errors occurred during your import. Most imports require less than five minutes to complete, however, this time is directly related to the size of your list.

If the number of new Contacts exceeds the maximum number of Contacts allowed in your plan, the import will be incomplete. The Contact Import Report will indicate that you have exceeded your Contact limit.

Undo Import

Should an error be made on an import such as importing the wrong CSV file or selecting the wrong list, the import can be reversed.
Click the undo icon on the right of the specific import you want to remove. This action will completely delete the new contacts from your database.

If the undo icon is gray,  you cannot undo the import, if no email contacts are added OR once the list has been emailed to, they can’t be deleted.

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