Image and File Library Overview

The Image & File Library is where you upload images or other file types. The complete list of file types that can be uploaded are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, docx, doc, zip, csv, xls, xlsx, pdf, rtf, vcs,  and ics.

In addition, you can edit images (Resize, Crop and Flip/Rotate) within the Image Library.

To open the Image and File Library:

Go to Account >  Image & File Library on the main navigation menu OR Open the Image & File Library through the Step 2 – Design editor.

Insert Images or File into email content:

You can only insert images or files into an email using the Email Studio.

Upload Images and Files:

Select the Upload icon.

Go here for more information on this topic.

Create a Folder

The library has existing folders for background images, as well as header images that you can use in your email templates

Select the Create icon then select folder.

Viewing and Searching Images and Files:

When you open the Image Library you will see any images and files that have been uploaded in a grid view of file thumbnail images.
To view images and files in a list view format select the List icon. To Sort images and files select the Sort icon.
To search for an image by name enter the name or part of the name in the Filter text box and use the Enter key or the Search icon.

Manage Images and Files:

Select one or more images by checking the box in the lower right corner of file thumbnail (in grid view format)
or by checking the box (in list view format) on the first column of each row.

Select the Manage icon or Right-Click to see the following options:

Insert: Only available when you have accessed the Image Library through Email Content Editor.
View: Shows a gallery if you select multiple images.
Edit: Go here for more on this topic.
Add Favorite
Zip: Creates a zip file of selected files.

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